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June Newsletter

Hello neighbors!

The FSP Community Yard Sale took place on April 15th and 8-12 families participated. Interested in making this a twice a year event? We need assistance setting the dates and publicity for the event to be successful. Please contact the board if you are interested in this committee involvement.

Summer is about to begin, and it is almost time to pay the annual dues! Dues are $150 each year and paid during the month of July. We will also have signs up at the entrances to the neighborhood as an extra reminder for everyone.

Dues may be paid on the website here. or by mailing a check payable to FPHA and be sure to include your street address on the check. Don't be afraid to message Branwin/the website if you'd like confirmation that he's received your dues! He can be reached at

Note that a $35 late fee applies to dues paid after August 1. A $50 fee is applied for each year that dues remain unpaid. After September 1, we will file a lien on your property if you still haven't paid dues with 6% interest per annum and court fees as well.

Now for some friendly reminders from the President, Janey Worth:

  • Are you looking to add a new roof, fence, exterior paint job, or deck?  Please remember that your HOA covenants and restrictions require any exterior improvement to be approved by our Architectural Control Committee (ACC) prior to beginning the work. Please email Daryl Ingram at and/or Dennis Migueles at

  • The parking pad located off Fieldstone Drive provides parking and access to our neighborhood park and is for day use only. There are only spaces for 3 vehicles to park. If you are using this area as personal parking for your vehicle you are taking away this asset from your neighbors. There is a white SUV that is frequently parked there for weeks at a time. Please refrain from doing this.

  • All residents are responsible for knowing and maintaining the Fieldstone Park Covenants. This applies to homeowners and renters. The covenants are available on the Fieldstone park website.

  • Only vehicles used for day – to – day transportation of the property owners, their families or invites may be kept or stored on the property. No house trailers, campers, recreational vehicles, boats, boat trailers, dune buggies, motorcycles, abandoned or inoperative vehicles or similar equipment or vehicles may be kept or stored in the open on the premises.

  • Storing of house trailers continues to be a perpetual issue with only a very few individuals. If this is you, please make arrangements with any number of storage facilities in the local area to remove your trailers. This is an eye sore that I have received numerous complaints on.

  • One of the duties of the board, as provided in the Declaration, is to assess a $50.00 fine for covenant violations for each occurrence where owner remains noncompliant after a minimum of three (3) written notices from the Board of Directors. additional $50.00 (fifty dollars and no cents) fines will apply for each additional thirty {30} days that property remains in violation specific to each occurrence.

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