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Spring News

Hey neighbors!

Spring is quickly approaching, and it's time for some Fieldstone News!

Neighborhood Yard Sale - April 15th

The Fieldstone Park Annual Community Yard Sale is a voluntary participation event each year, either in the Spring or Fall. The Association provides for newsprint, online, and social media advertisement of the yard sale date, and directs interested parties to our website for a map of each street where a member has indicated a yard sale will be held. The associate will purchase a "neighborhood" yard sale permit from the City of Helena so we can all clean out our closets and make a little money while doing so! Sign up here:

Park Lighting

As discussed in the last annual meeting in December, we are researching possible solutions to adding lighting to the park. We still need to consult with a few homeowners who have property close to the park to make sure they're all on-board with the idea. If you own property bordering the park please reach out to Janey if she hasn't already visited you to ask about the lighting.

Outdoor Projects

Spring is also home-improvement season! Just remember that if you plan any projects modifying the outside of your home, you need to contact our Architectural Comittee - Dennis Migueles. Working with Dennis ensures that your improvements align with our neighborhood covenants. He can best be reached via email here:

If you are performing yardwork and have cut limbs, bagged grass, etc. these items should not be placed by or in the street. We no longer have a service through the city and removal will be your own personal responsibility. That being said, if you have acquired a service and would like to share the the contact infromation and your personal review with the neighborhood, this would be very helpful to others. Please send your comments through the contact us form on the website or share them with our Facebook group:

Park Vandalism & Neighborhood Watch

Sad news: we were recently visited by children from a nearby neighborhood who attempted to vandalize the park and crushed our park garbage can. Please help us keep a watch out for any suspicious activity around the neighborhood. If you are a walker please consider strolling through the park on your walk. There are 3 separate entrances and your presence and extra eyes could help deter future incidences.


We've had some questions about renting lately. Per the covenants, normal "long-term" renting is fine. "Short-term" rentals like AirBnbs are not allowed per City of Helena law.

Now that all of the news is out of the way, we would like to wish everyone a happy Spring! Hope to see you soon either around our neighborhood, or at one of our upcoming events!

-Branwin DuBose


Fieldstone Park HOA

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