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Fieldstone HOA News!

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays fellow Fieldstone Neighbors!

We had our annual meeting last week, and I think it went well. The overwhelming majority approves to continue as is with a volunteer HOA board, and with current budget. We will be looking into options and expense of adding lighting to the park was our main budget addition item. If the expense is reasonable, we will move forward with whatever next steps that entails.

Please remember that parking on the street can be dangerous for our kiddos riding bikes and running around, plus it is illegal. Please avoid this when you can. And thank you for keeping your trailers, RV's, and boats out of your driveways and yards. Another quick reminder that you need to email someone on the board or contact the Architectural Control Committee before changing or adding anything to your exterior (this includes roofing, fencing, and storage sheds). The overwhelming majority will be approved, but this prevents you from adding a pink shed with zebra patterns all over it, and then after the fact finding out that it will need to be torn down, all at your expense.

A HUGE thank you to one of our relatively new neighbors, Branwin DuBose, for updating our website. It finally is updated!!

And, if there are no majority objections, please welcome Laurie Howard to our Board. Dennis Hulsey is rolling off and taking a well deserved break, and Laurie will be taking over as President, as I (Daryl) will be staying on as a general Board Member / consultant. Please see her email below with her contact info included. I know you'll want to join me in welcoming her with her valuable experience on our Board!

Good Morning,

I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself, as I will resume the role of HOA president as of 1/1/22. My name is Laurie Howard and I live at 119 Marlstone Court. I am married to Shane and today is our 28th anniversary! We have one son, Blake, who is a junior at Auburn University and we are big Auburn football fans. We built our current home in 2015, and love living in Helena and this neighborhood.

Currently, I work full-time as an Accountant for a brick company and I check my personal email several times a day. The best way to reach me is either via email at or you can text me at 205-229-2551. will be available anytime to answer any questions or concerns you have and will return your email/phone call the same day.

I have previous experience working within an HOA Neighborhood Administration, as the Vice President and President, so I am very familiar with what is required to succeed in this role. I hope everyone enjoys the holidays and feel free to let Daryl or myself know if anyone has any questions. I am looking forward to a happy 2022!

Thank you,

Laurie Howard

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Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays fellow Fieldstone Neighbors! We had our annual meeting last week, and it went well. We have had a bit of a change of leadership, so please join us in welcoming Janey W

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