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2015 Annual Homeowner Dues Payable July 1, 2015!

REMINDER: 2015 annual homeowner dues of $150.00 are due on July 1, 2015 and must be paid no later than July 31, 2015. A $35.00 late fee is applicable on August 1; an additional $50.00 fee is applicable for each year dues remain unpaid.

PAY DUES ON-LINE! (NO FEE!) by clicking on the "Pay Dues On-Line!" link on the homepage of this website; OR

Mail your $150.00 payment to: (Make check or money order payable to FPHA and include your street address on check):

FPHA, Inc.

PO Box 503

Helena, AL 35080

Any other questions? Please email Andy Hare, FPHA Treasurer at or any current Board member.

Fieldstone Park News Blog!

Can't remember an important update the Board sent out in one of our many email news updates? No more worries! Fieldstone Park now has a blog on our website where you'll find all of our news items in one place! Plus, each news update will feature "Tags" to provide for easy searchable terms within any news update, current or archived! Just go anytime to our website at and click on the "Blog" link in the header on the main page.

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