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Good morning!

A couple of updates for you on garbage/recycle/mail access and an update on work in the park in Fieldstone Park:


We’ve received notice that both garbage pick-up and mail delivery are being impacted by basketball goals and occasionally by cars parked on the street. Please keep basketball goals in your driveway when not in use and at no time can basketball goals or parked cars impede access to driveways, garbage/recycle receptacles or mailboxes.

Please note that garbage and recycle pick-up is automated, meaning the very large trucks must be able to get curbside for the automated arm to access the cans. If the trucks cannot access your can, garbage/recycle bins will not be emptied.

Please note that USPS delivery vehicles are prohibited (see reference below) from pulling forward and then ‘backing-in’ to access a mailbox for delivery; if they can’t access your mailbox from a forward direction, your mail may not be delivered.

2.3.4 Mailbox Location

Curbside mailboxes meeting the applicable standards in 3.0 must be placed where they protect the mail and can be conveniently served by carriers without leaving their vehicles. These boxes must be on the right side of the road in the direction of travel when required by traffic conditions or when driving to the left to reach the boxes would violate traffic laws by the carrier.

3.1.4 Clear Approach

Customers must keep the approach to their mailboxes clear of obstructions to allow safe access for delivery. If USPS employees are impeded in reaching a mail receptacle, the postmaster may withdraw delivery service.

The Park in Fieldstone Park:

Work has begun in the park and should be complete this week, weather permitting (and it doesn’t look like it will permit this week!). We’ve received a few emails from members who are concerned about the clearing and who will have use of the park, so let’s revisit the master plan (attached) to hopefully ease anxiety:

  1. The clearing is restricted to the center section of the park only; no part of the park area closest to homes will be touched. In most cases this will provide a minimum 25 yard (75 feet) buffer of trees and brush. For members who live on the perimeter of the park, remember that spring/summer growth is just beginning (which is why we are clearing now) and much of the growth that provides natural privacy will be arriving over the next 4 - 8 weeks.

  2. The clearing of the center area will provide much more useable space for our members to enjoy the natural beauty and convenience of having our own private park. Not only are their plans to provide the baseball field area, but going forward we’ve had requests to provide at a half-court outdoor basketball area and 2 - 4 additional picnic tables, which sound like great ideas.

  3. Regarding the ball field, we will likely not have enough funds to prepare a field area for use this year, but stay tuned – we’ve had great offers from some of our ball field experts in the neighborhood that will help guide us along the way. Also, just to make sure no one is disappointed… think neighborhood Sandlot and less Yankee stadium!

  4. The park itself is a private park restricted to use by Fieldstone members only; however, think of how the park is used today with birthday parties, etc. Members are allowed to use the pavilion and playground area (first-come-first served) and invite guests. Therefore, we will form a committee of members to determine exactly what additional restrictions, if any, we will place on the free-play area of the park (includes ball field).

  5. Any member interested in serving on the committee will have an opportunity to participate, so watch for an update later this year once we see how far we get with the plans.

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